Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Molds Find a New Home

In preparation for my relocation out East, I loaded up my molds into Gary Sax's truck and sent them off to their new home. Gary is the owner of Sax Antiques and Concrete casting. He is going to keep my molds for now. If anyone wants to order any of my pieces, he can still cast them for me. Here is Gary and his son with my molds in front of their truck.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blog Suspension

This blog is temporarily suspended while I choose whether or not and if so how to continue it. The studio and I are moving to New York where I will be serving as a missionary in the New York City area. Normally, I would not mention personal details like that in this blog because I would like the blog to be readable by the general public. However, this detail does inform my creative decisions. It may be that this blog will be about integrating the creative process, specifically the visual creative process into my life as a missionary. Which actually might be quite interesting. The blog might also morph into a missionary blog. Or, maybe it will be a mixture of the two. Or, maybe I will stop blogging. I am going to take some time to stew over it.