Monday, May 30, 2016

Painting in the Park

One of my favorite places for plein air painting is Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC. Here are two of my paintings from the past week.
Downstream from the Zoo
Rock Creek Bend
5'x7' Watercolor & Colored Pencil
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Path by the Police Stables
5"x7" Watercolor & Colored Pencil
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A shout out to the kind officer who stopped and gave me encouragement! I really appreciate when people give me feedback.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mount Pleasant Plein Air Paintings

It's been a busy month.
I completed two commissions.
5"x7" Watercolor and Colored Pencil.
This depicts a lovely woman I met in central park and her brother in a hansom cab.
5"x7" Watercolor and Colored Pencil. 
Irises commissioned as a gift for a cousin named "Iris"

Part of my month was spent in Minnesota, visiting my parents, so there was some Minnesota art happening.
Here is a view of downtown Minneapolis
5"x7" Watercolor & Colored Pencil

Back in DC, I've been selling at the Columbia Heights Farmers market on Saturdays. Great community of artists and other food vendors! Friendly, helpful, great products. 
Here is my booth at the market.

On my print-ordering website, I've added a new album of Mount Pleasant Neighborhood, Washington, DC art. Here are the first four images in the album. My intention is to add several more images. They are all 5"x7" Colored Pencil and Watercolor, mostly done plein air.
Row Houses

View from the Alley

Front Porch

Blue Walled Garage

On the Sculpting front, here is the latest paver design. It is another sunflower-inspired design. This one has more spirals than the last one (13 one way, 21 the other. The last one was 8 and 13.) The spirals are also cut deeper.
of note as well is the new design of the molds. Previously, I was making a 2-part mold with a silicone flexible interior and a rigid shell. This mold is entirely made of flexible rubber - thanks to the advise of a salesperson at the Compleat Sculptor in New York City. Great store. Mold making and removal of the finished product are much easier using this new kind of mold. 

There is a lot more going on in the studio than I have written here, so for more images of my work and daily updates, visit my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram or Twitter. 

Bethany Lee
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