Friday, April 22, 2016

New York Peddling Trip

This past week was an adventure in street peddling. It went very well! Lots of people purchased my landscapes, and I met a ton of interesting people. Peddling locations included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Parkchester Station in the Bronx, and Canal St. in SOHO. Here are some images from my trip.
The Row of Artists Setting Up Early Saturday Morning in Front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

My Display at the MET. Note the easel. I do plain air paintings as I sell.

Here is a progression of the plein air painting process:
The View at Parkchester Station

 The Initial Sketch of My Composition

The Watercolor Wash

Finished Work with Colored Pencil Detail

This piece, Parkchester Station, was purchased immediately by a delightful man who was a woodcarver.

 And, here are some more 5"x7," colored pencil and watercolor, plein air pieces made on the trip:

The View over Canal Street in SOHO

Red Umbrellas at the MET

 The Steps of the Met

Trees at the Entrance of the Met.

I was working of Trees at the Entrance of the Met when an English gentleman came up and asked me if I could put him in the image. I did, and he purchased it. 

So, thank you, NY! Miss you lots!

Bethany Lee
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Adding Watercolor

I've been attending a landscape workshop at the Schuler School in Washington, DC. The instructor suggested I try experimenting with a watercolor wash after sketching in the initial layout of the scene. I had not wanted to use paint because it is messy and (I thought) not as portable. However, with a nice, small, portable watercolor set and a spice jar full of water, this:
Ends up looking like this:

Bethany Lee
To Purchase Selected Prints:
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Twitter: bethanyleeart

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Update and Info

To anyone to whom I have given my business card in my recent NYC travels:
I am having trouble loading photos on my website/blog at present. So, if you would like to see photos of my work, here are other ways to view it.

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Also, some of my work is available to order as prints at

Friday, April 1, 2016

Further Developments on the Paver Project

Here are some pictures from the last week of a wax model for paver #1 and mold making pictures for paver #1, blank 12"x12" and blank brick-shaped pavers.

Also, images from drawing this week: Kilbourne, 5"x7" colored pencil, a black and white plein air and then color from the black and white drawing Mount Pleasant Houses, 5"x7" colored pencil.