Friday, June 21, 2013

Firefox (Not the Browser)

One of my *very important* readers told me I should have more captions. The following drawing does not exactly have a caption. But, it has a (sort of) poem. And, no. I won't explain the poem. It is a hard thing to be both vulnerable and modest. If this blog - and this art - is open to the public, that means it is not a good forum to display things that are of their nature personal. However, if art is to effect others in a meaningful way, it has to effect them, in some way, on a personal level. So, how to resolve this dilemma? I think it is resolved by appealing to universal experiences. If the particular experience which inspired this drawing has elements that are common to all men, and this drawing is my expression of that experience in my own language and medium, then I hope my audience will experience something of those common elements according to frame of reference and common experience of each.
And now: The Yarn Dog FireFox

This is the yarn dog Firefox.
He lives in the mountain
spending a lot of time
with the mountain man.

Sometimes he comes in
to play with the Little Girl
or sits looking out over the garden
with the Old Woman.

Woman in White he avoids.
She is too melodramatic.
Always wringing her hands,
she cannot see him.

Gift from the man at the gate.
Little dog.

Just for the record though, a lot of the things I post have a back story only to the extent of "Oo. I enjoy that form/color/je ne sais quoi. Let's draw it." Like little 'mater here:

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