Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Still Posting After All

We lay down in the grass of the Serengeti. Soft fur and deep purr. He was chasing me.

I thought I wasn't going to post this week. But, here I am posting again.
There are so many bad reasons to make and to show art. I have probably done them all. I was going to give myself a week to refocus on the good reasons. But then, I did do some non-dominant intuitive drawing this morning. And I thought, "should I post or not?" And, then I thought of the people who read my blog, the half dozen of them. Most of them are engaged in creative activities. Most of them experience the pull of the creative urge and the pulls of a thousand other urges that compete or muddy that good, fundamental urge. This is for those of you who feel beat, who don't know if you will be able to pull the artist in you out of the wreckage of the rest of your life, who despair of ever applying your limited skills to anything really worthwhile, who want recognition and know you shouldn't want it so bad, who can't ever really commit and yet can't put it down either, who want desperately to be honest and yet don't know how. This is for you all. I am thinking of you. Make something today.

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